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AS024 | Anaphylaxis Viewer Questions

In todays episode I answer questions asked by Nathan in the comments of Episode #23.

Nathan wanted to know about parents passing on their allergies onto their children, and about medication and desensitisation for several allergens.

I also catch you up on our recent yearly visit to the allergy specialist.

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Links mentioned in the show:

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Melanie said she’d put together a Halloween special episode which I’ll have to put together ASAP to get it out before next weekend.

Talk soon

AS023 | Anaphylaxis Management Using Desensitisation

In this episode I speak about managing anaphylactic food allergies using the desensitisation method. There is a current study going on in the Children’s Hospital Boston using a desensitisation method, which sort of mirrors the treatment that’s been going on for years over at the Pediatric Hospital Burlo Garofolo in the city of Trieste, north-east of Italy (

Listen to the podcast here first, then read the websites / watch the videos below.

Here’s the website for the Italy based treatment –

Here’s the website explaining the USA based treatment and introducing Brett –

Watch the 2nd one here which explains the treatment –

Then the 3rd one with Brett having his first sip of milk –
The rest you can watch over at Children’s Hospital Blog, but these were the main ones I wanted you to see.

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