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AS020 | Anaphylaxis In Schools with 99.7FM

Here’s another podcast of a radio interview that was done back in Sep 2008.

Thanks to Leslie and Richard from the ToyBox radio talkback show on 99.7FM for taking the time to chat with me about this topic and share with their listeners information on anaphylaxis.

In this interview we talk about anaphylaxis in schools and what the Queensland government were up to at the time. We also cover what an individual on the street should do if they were to assist someone having an anaphylactic reaction.

I’ll do a follow up soon in a new video episode of where the Queensland government are at currently with their anaphylaxis school training and their current legislation.

Please leave me your thoughts on this interview by leaving a comment on this blog post.

Does your country have a “good samaritan law” to protect those that help others needing first aid from any legal issues?

Talk soon.