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School Anaphylaxis Bullying and Growing Parent Resentment

Here is a great post by Shinga over at the blog Breat Spa for Kids. Read it first.

Then read this other post that has information about the physcological aspect of it.

It summarises what I feel is a growing issue of anaphylactic school bullying with the parents of the bullies actually encouraging the behaviour inadvertantly through there own actions and thoughts.

With more and more kids falling under the allergic banner at schools than in past years and with bans on foods that are put in place by the schools, it’s only fair to say that non allergy parents negative attitudes towards allergic children will be passed down to their children which are then in direct contact with our food allergic children.

There is some good in this world, but there is also the bad, and it only takes one bad to ruin a whole lot of good, with the worst end result being fatal.

This happened to my son in pre-school of all places. You’d think the kids being that young aren’t capable. Don’t be fooled.

I think every day, “I hope my son doesn’t get food bullied today”.


Anaphylaxis Food Allergy Teleconference

Hi all

Just have to share this rare teleconference (11Apr2007) with you, since I think it has a lot of information in it you will want to hear. It goes for 53 minutes. Do yourself a favour and listen to all of it.

Click this link to hear the teleconference

This call is not just for the newbies to anaphylaxis and food allergies either, this teleconference has some questions that even the old hands will appreciate.

Thanks go to the Parenting a Child With a Food Allergy blog for this information.

The call was organised by RevolutionHealth with a group of food allergy bloggers who interviewed a leading expert in the fields of allergies and asthma, Researcher and Clinician Clifford W. Bassett MD. Doctor Bassett serves as the Medical Director of Allergy and Asthma Care of New York, is an attending physician in the Allergy and Immunology Department at the Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn, and is also on the faculty of the New York University School of Medicine, Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine and Otolaryngology at the State University of New York’s Health Sciences Center in Brooklyn.

The food allergy blogsphere was represented by Parenting a Child With a Food Allergy, Allergic Girl, Gluten Free Girl, Allergy Moms, Kids with Food Allergies, Allergizer and the Zum Family.

Doctor Bassett provided answers to the food allergy blogging communities questions, including:

Q: What is the technical definition of anaphylaxis?

Q: The affects of the psychology of allergies?

Q: Food allergy testing resulting in a false negative. Why does that happen?

Q: The future of treatments?

Q: What is a biphasic reaction?

Q: Is there a relationship between genetically modified foods and food allergies?

Another Anaphylaxis Death in Preschool

Here is another terrible story. But I post it here in the hopes that we can all learn from this and avoid this from happening again. My heart felt thoughts go out to the little boys family.

I’ve lifted this in full from in case they remove the story.

2 things jump out at me when I read this.

1. NUT FREE ZONE DO NOT WORK! It’s human nature that complacency will set in regardless of how good you think your school is in policing the zone. Get into the real world and make sure everyone is educated, because when you go to the shop or the park or anywhere (even at home) there is always potential risk.

2. ALWAYS LEAVE 2 PENS AT THE SCHOOL. While Declan was at kindy and preschool he always had 2 pens, just in case. Ambulances can take more than 15 minutes to arrive and the second pen may need to be used to follow up from the first if the ambulance is late. Now that he is in School, we actually have 4 pens on campus. 1 in the office in the medical kit, with his antihistamene, 1 on playground duty, and the 2 he normally carries around with him in a bumbag in his classroom (these 2 basically go where Declan goes)


Mother blames peanut exposure for son’s death
March 27, 2007

THE mother of a boy who died from a suspected allergic reaction to peanuts at a Cheltenham preschool has accused the kindergarten of not telling the truth about his death.

Martha Baptist told an inquest into the death of her four-year-old son Alex that she believed exposure to nuts led to his collapse and death on September 15, 2004.

She said the most likely source was a peanut butter sandwich brought by a mother who was on duty at the preschool, Angela Berry.

Mrs Baptist wept as she told the inquest how she had farewelled Alex hours before his death. “He didn’t want me to go,” she said. “I kissed his darling head and off I went.”

She and her husband Nigel are demanding an apology from the Evesham Road Preschool and a full explanation of the circumstances surrounding the death. She said they chose the kindergarten because it had a nut-free policy.

The Baptists were granted an inquest after months of campaigning, including a petition containing almost 4500 signatures, amid concerns from other parents with children who have allergies.

The preschool told the couple that Alex, who had a severe allergy to peanuts, was fed only fruit on the day of his death and did not come into contact with peanuts. Staff told the Baptists that Alex had been happily playing before collapsing without explanation at the sandpit.

An EpiPen, a device that delivers adrenaline in the event of a severe allergic reaction, was mistakenly jabbed into a staff member’s finger in the rush to revive Alex.

Mrs Baptist told yesterday’s Coroners Court hearing that she became aware months after the death that there was another EpiPen at the preschool but it was not used.

“I was told they were not sure about the liability of using the second EpiPen. They considered using it, but decided not to because it belonged to another child,” she said.

Mrs Baptist told the inquest that after a discussion with another mother, she believed that Ms Berry had brought a peanut butter sandwich to the school for her daughter.

But Mrs Baptist admitted she did not know anybody who had seen a peanut butter sandwich at the school on the day of her son’s death, nor anyone who had seen contact between Alex and Ms Berry’s daughter.

Under cross-examination from Aine Magee, counsel for the preschool, Mrs Baptist admitted she had thanked kindergarten staff and parents for their help after the death.

Ms Magee told the inquest that the kindergarten would deny telling Mrs Baptist that a second EpiPen was not used because it feared liability.

The hearing before coroner Audrey Jamieson continues today.

Anaphylaxis Australia and Ride With Richo

I just found this interesting event where the proceeds will be going to Anaphylaxis Australia. Steve must know someone with anaphylaxis to support it like this. Since most people don’t have a clue what anaphylaxis is.

Check it out and if you are into motor sport then why not get involved. Go directly to Steve’s website, the link is at the bottom of the post. This event fund raising is something that I will be doing once I get some momentum going in my business.



Ford Performance Racing Driver Steve Richards, in conjunction with KTM Australia and Mount Buller Motorcycle Adventures is auctioning a two day Motorbike adventure through Victorias High Country.

Come along and spend two days and two nights in Victorias High Country from Friday the 25th to Sunday the 27th of May and discover some of the best riding Australia has to offer.
We will be covering around 300 km over the Saturday and Sunday and be lead by Mal Palmer and his Mount Buller Motorcycle Adventures team.

The proceeds raised will go towards assisting Anaphylaxis Australia raise awareness of children living with potential life threatening allergic reactions. Checkout their website at

Thanks go to Mal Palmer at Mount Buller Motorcycle Adventures for supplying the Tour and KTM Australia for the KTM 250 EXCF for the weekend.

For all of the auctions details and to start bidding visit