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With Anaphylaxis There Is Always Hope

I’ve just received a great email from one of our newsletter subscribers.

Martina has undergone a treatment for Anaphylaxis to dairy using desensitization with great success at a hospital in Italy.

Read more about it here.

Mel and I will be attending an Anaphylaxis Seminar held by Anaphylaxis Australia here in Brisbane soon on the 4th November.

I’ll be making sure to talk to as many members and the 2 local allergy specialists that will be there.

Should make for a very interesting evening.

Mel and I wish Martina all the success in the world, she is a very brave young girl and we will be looking into this closely and will report back our comments.

We’d happily travel overseas to have Declan not anaphylactic to dairy, and pay whatever it costs to make that happen.

What about you, would you go overseas for a cure.???

The question is always on my mind however, that why hasn’t this been adopted around the world with so many children and people in need.