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Our Allergen-free Pirate Party

So much has happened since my last diary, I will have to make a list of the topics to ensure I don’t forget what I want to write about!

The most important events would have to be the kids’ birthdays. Just recently the kids turned 5 and 3. Declan has mapped out his party themes, up until his tenth birthday. For his fifth he was only ever going to have a pirate party. So a pirate party was had. Dairy-free, egg-free and peanut-free……of course!! The best parties are those that we can ALL relax and enjoy. (It’s funny how the definition of “relax” encompasses running around non-stop for two hours coordinating a bunch of kids to play games, walk planks, eat food, find treasure, keep kids hydrated, birthday cake for everyone, making sure everyone gets their goodie bags……) I am of course using the term ‘relax’ in reference to allergens not being at a party, therefore not having to be on red alert!!!

We all had a great time preparing for the party. We spents weeks beforehand painting, drawing, scrunching paper and many other crafty things in order to have a swashbuckling pirate party. Mateys were summoned from all over the seas and came dressed in shipwrecked, piratey attire. They earned their pirate gear by performing a few tasks in order to prove themselves worthy of joining Captain Declan’s crew. They had to walk the plank, pin the patch on the pirate, sword practice (using balloon swords to pop bubbles that we blew for them), cannon ball pop (where they had a black balloon tied to their ankle with string and had to pop others whilst protecting their own), sink the ship (two fridge boxes cut to look like ships and the kids stand in them in two teams and throw “cannon balls” into the others ship…..we did this several times as it was great fun and looked fantastic, balls flying everywhere) and of course we did a treasure hunt, but we couldn’t do that without decorating our telescopes first (paper towel rolls painted black and the kids put star stickers all over them).

We kept the food simple as they were all too busy playing the games to be bothered to eat too much. They feasted on “grub” (cheerios, sausage rolls and chips) and “kiddie grog” (lemonade, water or red ‘wine’ cordial). The cake looked great. I made a plain sponge slab, and decorated it to look like an island. I placed granulated sugar all around the edge to look like sand, put a couple of plastic pirates on the island beside a plastic tree, and dug out a bit of cake so it looked like the pirates dug it up looking for the treasure. I placed a piece of dairy, nut, egg-free chocolate in the whole for the treasure chest. It was really cute.

The kids and parents enjoyed themselves. I loved two things in particular about the party. The first was watching my kids enjoy the fun and festivities of a birthday party in a safe environment, the second was that all the guests enjoyed themselves equally as much….all without dairy, eggs and peanuts. WOW!!….who would have thought huh!

Allergies are no worse today than 50 years ago!

“Well-known immunologist says allergies are no worse today, than 50 years ago, but every time it’s ragweed season, it seems we have an epidemic”

“The most notable breakthrough in the past 10 year is a new drug called Zolair which attaches itself to the allergy cells.”

This is a very interesting article, with a few nuggets of info in there.


Food Recalls at

Check out this site.

I wonder if there is one like this for Australian products, maybe someone can comment and point me in the right direction.