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AS027 | The History of the Peanut Allergy Epidemic

I have another treat for you today, this episode is an interview with Heather Fraser author of the book “The History of the Peanut Allergy Epidemic”. Now here is a book that I believe should be mandatory reading for anyone with food allergies. Don’t wait like I did for over 10 years to ask the […]

AS026 | Flourishing with Food Allergies Interview

It’s been awhile since I’ve been active with my videos / podcasts for the show, and for that I apologise. To get back into the swing of producing this show on a regular basis, I thought it was high time for an interview. I’d just finished reading Flourishing with Food Allergies by A.Anderson recently and […]

AS025 | Back to School with Anaphylaxis

Well it’s back to school time again in Australia, and Anaphylaxis Australia put out a press release a couple of weeks ago about it. So I thought I’d cover it on the show. Of course this information isn’t just for Australia, it’s universal, so press the play button on the media player below to listen […]

AS024 | Anaphylaxis Viewer Questions

In todays episode I answer questions asked by Nathan in the comments of Episode #23. Nathan wanted to know about parents passing on their allergies onto their children, and about medication and desensitisation for several allergens. I also catch you up on our recent yearly visit to the allergy specialist. Listen to the show here, […]

AS023 | Anaphylaxis Management Using Desensitisation

In this episode I speak about managing anaphylactic food allergies using the desensitisation method. There is a current study going on in the Children’s Hospital Boston using a desensitisation method, which sort of mirrors the treatment that’s been going on for years over at the Pediatric Hospital Burlo Garofolo in the city of Trieste, north-east […]