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5 things you need to know about food allergies

Food allergies are nothing to be ashamed of, and especially for teens who may think it “un-cool” to discuss something this mundane to their friends, it is critical that we raise the level of awareness of this terrible affliction without attaching a social stigma. The key is communication. And communication without embarrassment or shame.

What a lovely paragraph. Having a child that has anaphylaxis, we have drilled into him for the last 3 years to talk about his food allergy to others and tell them what condition he has.

To look at someone with anaphylaxis you wouldn’t know they had a life threatening condition, and this is the hardest hurdle to overcome. Perception and first impressions are usually very hard to break.

Excellent information in that story.


Anaphylaxis is Anaphylaxis is Anaphylaxis is Anaphylaxis

Peanuts are the most deadly, causing an estimated 125 deaths in the U.S. each year. People with severe allergies to peanuts can’t even be in a room where are they being eaten a reason some airlines have stopped serving them. There’s a chance peanut oil could rub off eaters’ hands and onto seats, handrails and luggage compartments.

How many times must we see this misinformation portrayed.!!

If you have anaphylaxis to a substance, it doesn’t matter if it’s peanut, or milk, or latex, you have anaphylaxis. You will die with exposure if not treated.

There is not one that is more deadly than another.

It’s just so frustrating that people keep spewing misinformation out there.

Peanut, Peanut, Peanut, that’s all we hear about. It makes it so hard if you have ananphylaxis to any other allergen.


Are Processed Foods the Cause of Food Allergies and Anaphylaxis?

I have often thought about why our kids have food allergies, and food anaphylaxis.

Other than of course the hygeine theory.

What about the amount of processed foods that we eat? My theory (having no scientific basis of course) is that we consume way to much processed food. That goes right down to the vegetables, and meats that are also processed (hormone enriched, etc). Unless you live on your own self sustaining farm, you are consuming processed food. Who knows what that’s doing to your body, which is then passed down to the children.?

Where were these food allergies a generation ago.? Maybe they were around but just not diagnosed as such.

There are so many factors, including exposure to the allergen to a child early on. I could go on for ages, but just wanted to get this down while I thought about it.

What do you think.?