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AS022 | The Vacation Update

Ladies and gentleman, only a short TV show this week, just to touch base and flex my video muscles which haven’t been used in a very long time.

As mentioned on the show, this testimonial came in for Melanie’s first book, “Jessie’s Favourite Things (Even with Food Allergies)”

“Just wanted to let you know that we received your book and it is fantastic. My daughter just loves it. She took it to preschool with her the other day and the teachers were very impressed with it. They read it to the class and said that it brought on alot of discussion with the class of 4 year olds. We are very lucky that my daughter has a fantastic preschool that she attends and that they are very supportive with the food allergies. The children in the class are very aware of my daughter’s food allergies and it was wonderful to be able to share this book with them. If you ever publish any more books like this can you please let me know as I would be keen to purchase them. Thanks again for publishing this book. Also thanks for such quick postage. Glad to be getting your emails again too. You do such a wonderful job.”
Kerry, NSW, Australia

Thanks Kerry. You made Melanie’s day. I look forward to getting some more testimonials that I can share.

I’ll have a more formatted show next week covering some new research that’s going on at the moment for the treatment of food allergies. It’s cutting edge stuff, that I’ll have to get Melanie to help me so I don’t miss anything.

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Also coming soon, a cooking segment (me and kitchens don’t get along so this should be interesting)

Talk soon


AS021 | Allergy Smart TV is Back (well sort of)

Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis information coming at you via the Allergy Smart TV show is back.

Well sort of anyway. I’ll be doing podcasts for awhile with the occassional video thrown in for good measure.

Why because I don’t have the time needed to post process the videos. They are very time consuming, so I’ll save them for special occassions.

Let’s get right back into the saddle then, and get started. Remember that this TV Show / Podcast is in iTunes so just click the link in the menu above if you want to get it down into your MP3 player of choice, otherwise just listen to it on the site.

Links mentioned on the show:
Anaphylaxis Talk – support forum for food allergy and anaphylaxis

Talk soon

AS020 | Anaphylaxis In Schools with 99.7FM

Here’s another podcast of a radio interview that was done back in Sep 2008.

Thanks to Leslie and Richard from the ToyBox radio talkback show on 99.7FM for taking the time to chat with me about this topic and share with their listeners information on anaphylaxis.

In this interview we talk about anaphylaxis in schools and what the Queensland government were up to at the time. We also cover what an individual on the street should do if they were to assist someone having an anaphylactic reaction.

I’ll do a follow up soon in a new video episode of where the Queensland government are at currently with their anaphylaxis school training and their current legislation.

Please leave me your thoughts on this interview by leaving a comment on this blog post.

Does your country have a “good samaritan law” to protect those that help others needing first aid from any legal issues?

Talk soon.

AS019 | Anaphylaxis on the AIR with 99.7FM

It’s been so long since I’ve had time to look at getting some content up onto the blog.

Since video takes so long to produce I’ve decided to get a few podcasts out that I’ve been sitting on. I’m going to call this Episode #19.

So at last I have the recording for you that I did with Richard, Leslie and Kevin from the ToyBox radio talkback show at 99.7FM in Brisbane back in August 2008.

We cover what is anaphylaxis, possible theories as to why it’s happening, and children going to school with food allergies among other things.

Leave me a comment below with your thoughts.

Talk soon


AS018 | Children With Anaphylaxis Managing Their Anxiety

In this episode I briefly touch on one strategy that young children with anaphylaxis can use to manage their anxiety levels. The food allergy quick tip is about food ingredient contents always changing and a quick way to see if they really have changed or it’s just a mistake with the labelling.

Please forgive the green background, I was in a rush to record this episode before going to work and didn’t have time to setup the lighting, and then couldn’t remove the green very well in post production, so decided to leave it in for this week.

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Talk soon