AS029 | Interview with Food Allergy Musician – Kyle Dine

Time for another show, this time I interview Kyle Dine – Food Allergy Musician and advocate for Anaphylaxis education through music and entertainment.

Listen to the interview here (press play below) or download the episode to take with you on the go.

You can check out more info about Kyle here…

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  1. Keith Grigoletto Says:

    Hello Aaron

    Great interview with Kyle. Thank you.


  2. Kim Haysom Says:

    Thank you Aaron for your wonderful support. I look forward to sharing your interviews and discussions with members of Parents with Allergy Kids (PAK) in Melbourne.
    I just listened to your interview with Kyle Dine and was thrilled to hear his views, and positive approach to our children growing up with allergies.
    Your work is inspirational and connects us with a global management of allergies. The PAK meetings are about discussing ideas and supporting each other through new challenges in a positive manner.
    Thanks again,
    Kim Haysom

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